5 Signs You Need New Windows

Home improvement projects are quite time consuming and costly. The most common repairs and renovations that most homeowners go for are roofing, adding more curb appeal and installing a deck in the backyard. One area that often stays neglected are your windows. 

They might look fine from afar but upon close inspection, you will get to know what dirty secrets they hide. Homes that are more than 20 years old usually need an upgrade. The question is ― how will you find out that you need new windows?

Here’s a hint ― when your windows stop performing their basic tasks such as lowering your energy and protecting your furniture from fading then they need to go. Of course, if the windows are outdated or ugly then now is a good time than any to replace them.

Let’s take a look at five signs that you need window replacement in Harrisonburg, VA:

  • High Energy Bill

Do you hear that high pitch whistle? Do you feel a blast of cold drafts every now and then when you are sitting in a room with a window? The reason behind this can be anything from cracked glass to damaged frames or poor insulation. When the windows are hot (summer) or cold (winter) to touch on the inside then it’s probably because they are not able to adapt to the weather and as a result, your energy bill increases. To make sure that this does not happen with your new windows, buy LoE glass to save on cooling and heating costs all year round.

  • Condensation

When the window seals fail, the glass starts to fog up. You will constantly find yourself wiping the windows and this will become a nuisance. Condensation happens when your window frame gets damaged, which causes a leak and fog on the inside. 

  • Poor Window Operation

Your windows open and close smoothly when the seal is intact. When the seal breaks, two things happen ― the window gets stuck and you have to push hard to open it, and you feel a draft. This also puts you, your family and your house at risk. If the windows don’t close all the way, burglars might see this as an opportunity to break in.

  • Moisture Between the Panes

A gas injected in double-glazed windows adds insulation. If this air tight seal is broken, moisture builds up between the panes, which is impossible to clean. When the moisture dries, white spots appear that give the windows a dirty look.

  • Sound Filters Through

One of the signs of a good window is that it’s soundproof. If you still hear noise after the window is shut then the seals are most probably damaged. 

So, now you know why it’s important to get replacement windows when the old ones start acting up. Make sure that the glass and frame of your residential replacement windows are made of quality material to avoid these problems. The type of glazing used on the windows will help you keep the energy bill down and make them last long.

If you are considering new replacement windows in Harrisonburg, VA, Winchester, VA or anywhere in between, we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.