The Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

“How are your windows doing?”
Sorry, wrong question. What we meant to ask was, “How high of an energy bill did you pay last

Confused? Well, here’s a scenario that will help you make the connection: your electric bill has
been climbing for quite a while. The culprit ― your windows!
The climate in our region, from Harrisonburg to Winchester, experiences the extremes of hot,
humid summers to very cold, snowy winters. On particularly hot months, the bill goes up by $30
to $50 more and, by the time winter arrives, your bill starts increasing quite a bit more.
You need new windows right now. Otherwise, your energy bill will keep going higher. By
installing double-hung replacement windows, you can cut down on the electricity used to
maintain the temperature in your room, leading to lower energy bills and savings.
Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits:

Variety of Styles and Designs

Single-hung windows have a very simple operation. The top window pane doesn’t move, and
the bottom one slides up. In contrast, both window panes move in the standard double-hung
windows design. Another popular design is one featuring a sash. In this window design, the
window panes tilt out. Then, there are different styles, which include colonial grids, single
prairie patterns, and shutters.

Better Ventilation

Compared to single-hung windows, double-hung windows offer better ventilation. Since both
sections of the window pane open simultaneously and separately, air floods in freely. Opening
both window panes allows clean air to enter from the top-half and causes stale air to be pushed outside from the bottom.

Easy to Clean

Since double-hung windows open both ways, they are easy to clean. Avoid using soap water
and a cotton cloth to clean your replacement windows. This cleaning method will leave white
streak signs behind and make the windows look dirty. Use a DIY solution that is part-hot water
and part-vinegar, and use a window to clean the windows. Use a squeegee to wipe off any
excess moisture.

Accessibility and Low Maintenance

You don’t need to step outside your house to clean your window replacement in Harrisonburg,
VA. As mentioned above, the windows open both ways, so you can easily access the top
window and clean the exterior pane.

A Child-Safe Option

Children are curious by nature, and their curiosity can lead them into trouble. There are
countless videos online where children climb out from the windows and hang precariously from
the ledge. You can prevent a nightmarish scenario like that by opening the top pane of the
window and keeping the other half within their reach closed.


You can easily attach screens to double-hung windows during summers to protect yourself and
your loved ones from swarms of blood-sucking, malaria-spreading mosquitoes. Screens also
protect your windows from heavy debris, and since they are removable, you won’t have any
trouble installing them.
We hope this post helps you understand the many benefits of installing double-hung windows.
Ensure both window panes operate smoothly by lubricating the tracks regularly. These benefits
prove that double-hung windows have the best design because they offer double the benefits
than those of single-hung windows.

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  1. That’s good to know that the double-hung windows will be more child-safe. I like the sound of that since I have kids. I’ll make sure to look into some of those.

  2. I never knew that double-hung windows are easier to clean! My husband and I are needing to look into getting new windows installed for our home since our current ones are older and damaged, and we were wondering what type would be best to choose. I really appreciate you helping me learn more about the benefits of double-hung windows for your home!

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