5 Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

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Whether you are “window” shopping for your new house or planning to add something new and durable to your old one, we suggest that you go for vinyl replacement windows. See what we did there? You have probably researched various window materials type and finalized a few based on affordability and long-lasting aesthetics. You will be glad to know that vinyl offers both these benefits and much more.

At first, the market of replacement windows was ruled by aluminum and wood. In 1979, vinyl was introduced. It started off as a small segment in the home décor category and then quickly became huge when people realized its strength. Vinyl window frames are made of PVC ― a material which is commonly used in pipes and flooring. Since PVC is a polymer, it is manufactured with unique ingredients, which make it resistant to the external environment.

Let’s take a look at the benefits vinyl replacement windows offer:

1.    Energy Efficient

Compared to metal or wooden frames, vinyl offers a tighter seal, which prevents drafts all year. It keeps the house highly insulated according to the changing weather. This energy efficient benefit of vinyl windows keeps your house warm in winter and cool in the summers. Moreover, you won’t see any wear and tear like rotting and warping of the external and internal seals. Combined with a low-E glass, you can double the windows’ energy efficiency with help from the reflecting solar rays.

2.    Affordable

Vinyl replacement windows are the most affordable windows in the market. They are available in several color and design options, and for people who are looking for something more fancy, you can get them customized in elegant styles. They don’t require any maintenance or upkeep, which means that in the long run, they will cost you less than wood. Though installing vinyl windows is quite easy, we do recommend that you look into professional installation to avoid loose seals.

3.    Durable

Vinyl has a shiny and smooth surface, which you can clean with a dry cloth. The material is also flexible, which is why it can be fitted in any window space. For this reason, it can be manufactured with different textures. Lastly, you won’t find yourself standing at your window, holding a paint bucket and giving the frames a touchup. All these features make vinyl extremely durable than other window replacement materials.

4.    Low Maintenance

No need to pull out your cleaning kit for maintaining your vinyl windows’ beauty. A wipe every now and then will remove dust. However, if you have kids and pets who like to create a mess, then power washing the windows will do a great job of cleaning them thoroughly.

5.    Weather Resistant

The good news is that vinyl is UV, heat and water resistant. These windows will not warp, mold or rot, especially in areas like Harrisonburg, VA, where the weather is always humid in the summer and extremely cold in winter.

So, how does installing these low cost windows sound to you? They tick all the boxes and offer you plenty of benefits, which make them perfect for your house. With these babies installed on the exterior, you will boost your home’s value and wow your guests when they walk up the driveway.

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