How Important Is a Quality Roof?

We often get asked, “How important is a Quality Roof?”  I’d like to take a moment to answer that question here.  Let’s begin by taking a look at the number one enemy of your house: WATER.  When water penetrates into the framing of your house, bad things happen that often go unnoticed until they become major problems requiring large sums of money to correct.  Wet wood becomes rotten wood in a matter of time.  Wet wood also becomes moldy wood if left unchecked.  Both of these conditions occur behind the walls and ceilings such that you may not see the problem until it causes larger issues such as structural damage or health issues for those living in the house.  Even very small leaks can cause big problems over time.  What makes things worse is that small leaks often never produce dripping water in the living areas, so they go unnoticed–often for years.  Water is absorbed in the wood, the wood grows mold and/or rots, and the problems progress undetected by those in the house.

Once detected, solving roof leaks is not always a simple process.  Sometimes leaks originate from problems in the roofing system far from where the symptoms appear since water works its way through the various layers of the roofing system or building materials before penetrating the house. Once the source of the problem is found, solutions are often difficult and not long-lasting since many roofing materials become brittle and difficult to work with as they age.  

Never fear, modern roofing materials and installation techniques prevent those wet problems from ever cropping up in your house.  Modern roofing systems begin with quality underlayment and end with quality, long-lasting shingles and flashing.  A quality roofing system properly installed is your number one defense against the damages of water.  Because roofing is so important, many experts recommend not beginning any interior renovation project until you are confident that you have a water-tight roof.  If the roof is failing, then any work done on the interior of the house could potentially be ruined.  

Making sure your home is protected from the damages of water is worth every penny.  If you’d like to learn more about roofing systems, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you see how a modern roofing system can protect your home from the enemy of water.