Energy Windows Does Robotics Too?

VEX IQ Robot

Energy Windows LLC really does do it all, right?  Not only are we the Shenandoah Valley’s premier windows, doors, siding, gutters, and roofing installer,  but we are also have our hand in robotics…Well, really it’s the young kids who are in the robotics competition team we sponsor who are the real robotics engineers 🙂  This is our second year as a sponsor for the Cornerstone Robotics Club, and they are growing.  Last year we enjoyed getting to help the team with the costs of purchasing equipment and participating in two area tournaments.  This year, the club has grown by adding a second team of younger kids.  We are excited again to work with our friends at Right Stuff Web Development to help with the costs which are required to get a team up and running.  We love seeing kids using their brains and building things.  We look forward to seeing what cool robots they design and build through the fall as they prepare for their winter tournaments.  Learn more about the VEX IQ competition from this overview video.

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