Why do I need Lo-E & Argon Gas?

Here are some reasons why you would never want to order windows with-out Lo-E and Argon Gas. The sun is so powerful that it can fade the paint right off your car and damage the furniture in your house. Just blocking out the wind and cool air is only part of why most people are replacing their windows. It’s a no-brainer, windows are a 98% return on your investment. Your utility bills will lower in the summer and in the winter. If you order windows, make sure your contractor is using Lo-E (LOW E) and Argon Gas, also known as “IntelliGlass” https://youtu.be/6NlX7u6N5SI. The LOW E blocks the suns rays by using two microscopic layer of silver which acts as a mirror reflecting heat back to it’s source. This keeps your home cool in the summer by reflecting the sun and reduces the energy produced by your air conditioner. It also keeps your home warmer in the winter by reflecting furnace heat back into your home. Intelliglass works year round to keep your home comfortable and keeps energy bills low. Our Intelliglass allows natural light as well as provides glare control. It also resists heat transfer and blocks UV Rays. Argon Gas is heavier than air, so it is more difficult for heat and cold to transfer through it, as it acts as a blanket.  

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