Integrity by Energy Windows LLC

When working with large glass that’s broken, it’s a tough job. You should think I am coming out to your home to do a repair on the spot with hand tools. The window was initially put together in a shop with much better equipment. They have better working conditions and more room to do the job. To make a long story short we had a customer that had 55×55 broken window. We installed the new triple strength glass with “Lo-E and Argon gas”. Everything seemed to have gone perfect, however, a few days later we received a phone call. The glass that we replaced had cracked due to unknown reasons. We took extra precautions the SECOND time around and order the more expensive “tempered glass”. Tempered glass is extremely strong glass that has less of a chance of ever breaking, and to our surprise, things went much smoother. The job turned out to be a push but I was honest and took the fault. What I learned is that in some situations, you need to order an entire new window or use the more expensive glass.

I’m David Udstuen, and with my team, we are here to help our Virginia residents with their windows replacement needs.

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