How much value do new windows add to a home?

According to a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), What Home Buyers Really Want (2019), people shopping for homes are on average willing to pay an additional $8,728 toward the purchase price to reduce annual utility costs by $1000. Energy windows are one of the most effective improvements at lowering energy costs.  While very few home improvements recoup the full cost of the project in increased home value, replacement windows offer one of the highest returns on investment (in addition to the energy savings). According to the 2022 “Cost vs. Value Report”, replacing the windows in a home returns higher than the vast majority of home improvements such as roofing, bathroom remodeling, additions, etc.  In addition, Zillow reports that new windows positively impact a home buyer’s willingness to pay full asking price. Replacement windows are typically a very good investment in a home.

How much do windows typically cost to replace?

Many factors affect the overall cost to replace windows:  number of windows, size of windows, frame material, type of windows, specialty windows, etc.  According to Forbes, in 2023 the national average cost of replacement window materials and installation of a typical sized double-hung window with no upgrades is $800 per window.  Keep in mind that different windows have different materials and labor cost.  Most online sites listing window installation prices are listing a price for a small double hung window with minimal upgraded features. Most windows in modern homes do not fit this description which often leaves homeowners surprised when getting realistic quotes for installing quality windows of the size and type they are interested in.  In late 2022 into 2023 we have noticed a sharp increase in both material and labor costs for most home improvement projects in our region including window replacement. 

Is it cheaper to replace all windows at once?

While the materials costs are not affected when replacing multiple windows compared to just replacing one, the labor costs are economized. Typically getting multiple windows replaced at one time offers significant cost savings when compared to replacing each individually over a period of time.

What is the cheapest time of year to replace windows?

Here in Virginia, we are fortunate to have a fairly temperate climate which means there is really no benefit of installing windows from one season to the next.  We typically remove and install only one window at a time which minimizes energy loss from the home while we are working. We use only high quality caulk which adheres and cures properly within the temperature range listed in the product specs which are well within the temperature swings we experience across the seasons in our region.  Aside from a few more smiles from the crew when the weather is nice, there is really no time of year when we have observed any difference in the quality of installation.

Do you install replacement windows from the inside or outside?

Many homeowners ask us whether the windows will be installed from the inside or the outside.  The answer is that it depends…Replacement windows can be installed either from the inside or outside depending on the construction of the window opening, access, and the preference of the installer.  For brick houses, the window opening is often larger on the outside than the inside of the wall making most windows easier to install from the outside.  However, other exterior materials often leave the inside opening larger such that installers choose to install from the inside. Regardless of the primary side used during installation, installers typically need access to both sides of the window for various parts of the installation process.  When talking with your window contractor, this question can be answered specific to your situation.

Is it cheaper to replace windows or just the glass?

While technically it is cheaper to replace broken glass than an entire window, the challenge comes in finding a qualified expert to do the job.  With the typical cost to replace broken window glass running between $200-$350 (, large window contractors do not find it profitable to take on smaller repair jobs such as this and often only offer this service to previous customers.  This leaves many homeowners looking for local handymen who might or might not have experience with proper glass repair techniques. 

How long does it take to replace a whole house of windows?

Once you have met with a window contractor, signed a contract, and the windows have been ordered it typically takes a few weeks for the windows to arrive. When they arrive your contractor will schedule a day to begin the removal of your old windows and installation of the new ones.  For most situations the window removal and installation for a house can be completed in 1-2 days.  For larger houses with more windows or with large ro specialized windows, more time might be required to complete the job.

What are the signs that windows need to be replaced?

A variety of symptoms can indicate that it is time to consider replacing the windows in your house. 

    1. SINGLE PANE WINDOWS - If you have single pane windows, it is without a doubt time to get replacement windows.  The energy loss through single-pane glass is drastically higher than modern multi-pane windows.  The energy savings of installing modern windows will be drastic.
    2. DRAFTS - If you notice drafts around the edges of your window, it is time to replace them.  Modern windows manufacturers have advanced by leaps and bounds in creating tight seals around the edges of their products.
    3. DIFFICULT TO OPERATE - If your windows become difficult to operate, new windows will be like a breath of fresh air.  Modern windows open effortlessly and lock easily and securely.  
    4. DO NOT BLOCK NOISE - If your current windows do not block outdoor noise, then it is time you bring peace and quiet to your home through the sound blocking properties of modern windows.  Multi-paned windows with modern frames do an outstanding job of blocking outside sound from making its way into your house.
    5. DAMAGE - If you notice damage in your windows, you should consider replacing the windows rather than spending money on ineffective repairs. Signs of damage include visible cracks, condensation on the interior surface of the glass (or between panes), discoloration, etc.
    6. CONDENSATION - If you notice condensation on your window panes, it is likely a sign that the seal in your windows is no longer functioning properly.  This is a sure sign that replacement windows would benefit your house.