Cutting Costs in Winter – Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Winter is coming. Cold nights followed by full night shivers, hot cocoa, apple cider and cinnamon cookies… it’s all the good and bad wrapped into a neat package. The heat is turned on high yet you are under the blanket and refuse to even go to the kitchen to get something to eat. No, you cannot survive on chips and nuts! At the rate you are shivering, chances are that you will have ice cold fingertips by the end of the night!

It might seem like we are exaggerating but we are not! AccuWeather predicts that this winter, the US will see a mix of wind and sleet patterns. Some regions will experience shots of cold air, some big swings, a little rain and snow in the northeast and mid-Atlantic. So, what’s your plan of attack to battle the cold? 

Not to worry if you are all out of ideas! We have just the one for you ― home replacement windows! They are environmentally friendly, help you save energy, and are totally worth the price. 

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits that energy efficient windows offer:

Offer Increased Comfort in Home

How high is your heating bill during the winter season? If you live in an area that often gets the worst of winter, such as Harrisonburg, Virginia, then getting replacement windows will not only impact your comfort, but your also your bank account!

Windows with poor insulation cause significant heat loss and increase condensation. Windows that have a low “U-factor” (non-solar heat flow conductivity of skylights, doors and windows) offer reduced air leakage, warmer window surfaces, and minimal condensation. 

Cost Savings

Always look for the “Energy Star” label before buying windows. This sign indicates that the windows are energy efficient. The price of the window depends on the type of frame, glass quality and energy efficiency rating you choose, but the costs are often quickly made up in energy savings. For example, thermally-improved windows with a light non-metal frame, low U-factor and low-E coating can help you save around 25% on heating costs.

UV Rays Protection

Replacement window prices are directly proportional to the benefits they offer. Apart from reducing your carbon footprint, energy efficient windows also protect your furniture from UV rays. The special coating on them helps preserve the quality of objects such as wood, carpets, rugs and paintings. Think of it as a sunscreen for your precious indoor décor that prevents tanning of your personal belongings by 75%.

Certified Performance

Windows with the Energy Star label go through a rigorous manufacturing and approval process. The testing procedures they undergo ensure that the windows are indeed energy efficient. Since they are approved by different recognized laboratories, there are absolutely zero chances that you might be scammed.

Reduced Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, energy efficient windows produce less condensation, which means that there won’t be any white streaks on them. Moreover, the special coat eliminates dirt buildup and water spots.


Two features of energy efficient windows ― airtightness and high insulation ― increase the glass’s soundproofing ability, which reduces exterior noises.

So, what’s the verdict? How can one say no to a window that offers all these great benefits? The good news is that even these windows come in different styles and designs. So, whether you want skylights for the kitchen, floor-to-ceiling windows for the dining room, or simple and attractive double-hung windows for the whole house, we can help you pick the right windows for your home.